Paso Robles dentist shares the top most important questions to ask your dentist

-Even when the dentist gives out a gold star for excellent results of an examination, some patients still have questions. “Don’t be shy about asking,” says Lisa Lu Davis, DMD, the Paso Robles dentist, “because it’s your dental health and even though your dentist shares necessary information with you, we don’t know what’s on your…
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Paso Robles dentist answers the question, ‘Why do I need my teeth cleaned so often?’

-Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for overall health and well-being. While brushing and flossing are essential daily habits, they are not enough to ensure optimal dental health and Lisa Lu Davis, DMD, the Paso Robles dentist, has some information to encourage everyone to get regular teeth cleaning. Regular teeth cleaning performed by a dental…
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Paso Robles dentist releases ‘Where the toothbrush came from and other interesting facts about oral hygiene’

-When kids are dragging their feet about brushing their teeth before bedtime, telling them that cavemen brushed their teeth might stir their imaginations and speed them up a bit. “Although the archaeological evidence suggests the Neanderthal method of oral hygiene may have been more rugged than a toothbrush,” said Paso Robles dentist, Lisa Lu Davis,…
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