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Paso Robles Dentist Announces the Top Signs it’s Time to See the Dentist

-“Anytime, between regular appointments, that you notice a change to your teeth or gums, it’s time to see your dentist,” says the Paso Robles dentist, Lisa Lu Davis, DMD. Regular checkups are important but life happens and things change and sometimes a dentist visit is necessary regardless of when the next checkup is scheduled. An…
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‘Good Dental Habits Are Important During Pregnancy,’ Announces Paso Robles Dentist

-“Good dental habits are always important,” says Paso Robles Dentist, Lisa Lu Davis, DMD, “and even more so during pregnancy.” Hormone changes due to pregnancy, “morning sicknesses,” food aversions, and other physical changes can contribute to changes in the gums and teeth. Dr. Davis said that most of these changes and reactions are a natural…
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